About Us

About Us

For more the 30 years
VECOC Heavy Duty BIFOLD DOORS and WINDOW system are manufactured from Fujisash (M) Sdn Bhd (Japan) according to international standards. VECOC have always added a new dimension to building design, controlling ventilation, providing protection from the elements and creating a look that is both distinctive and functional for Door and window. Now, we are about to change forever the way you look and think about Heavy Duty BIFOLD DOORS and WINDOW.

VECOC is proud to introduce the VECOC BIFOLD DOORS and WINDOWS. The new generation Door and Windows that sets the benchmarks for performance, durability, function and style.

One look at the Door and windows shows you just what a departure this is from the traditional Door and windows, clean, thick modern lines that evoke an architectural feel, but not only feel and look good, THAT STRONG TOO!!! A wide range of powder-coated colours a d Fujisash ED Coating also can be matched with your interior and exterior decor.


is a special coating method where a formulation of acrylic and melamine resin dispersed in water is electrically deposited on the substrate to form a uniform and water insoluble film. The film is then permanently set via a baking oven. It’s a total breakthrough in surface finishing that assures you more benefits!!! Electro-Deposition Coating has been widely used in Japan as an aesthetic and indispensable finishing layer on every piece of anodised aluminium extrusion.


GREATER AESTHETICS AND HIGHER RESISTANCE Fujisash ED Coating, you can get the following advantages:

– A smooth and glossy finish
– Long-lasting anodised lustre that remains (NEW) for a longer period
– Superior corrosion resistance against acid, alkaline and mortar attack
– Ensures maximum coating coverage even on the most inaccessible parts of any extrusion.
– Possibility of on-site touch-up
– Better uniformity of film thickness
– Non-toxi and environment-friandly